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Loudas N., Pavlidou V., Casadio C., Tassis K., 2022, A&A, 668, A166


The first SMILE meeting was held on October 10-12 2022, with the discussions on the following:

October 10, 2022
A. Constraining the abundance of DM sub-galactic halos
B. Discussion on the Database Organising/Downloading etc.

October 11, 2022
C. Optical counterparts, redshifts
D. Search for Milli-lens Candidates
E. Data calibration and imaging

October 12, 2022
F. Project Management and Collaboration
G. Studies of non-milli-lens candidates

Finally, the meeting was concluded following a Seminar by Prof. Peter Wilkinson titled “Is there an isotropic radio background in addition to the CMBR?" 

IA-FORTH/U. of Crete: Dr Carolina Casadio, Dr Vasiliki Pavlidou, Dr Dmitry Blinov, Dr Kostas Tassis, Dr Andreas Zezas, Dr Valentina Missaglia, Dr Felix Poetzl, Mr Diego Álvarez-Ortega, Mr Nikolaos Loudas, Mr George Kalaitzidakis, Mr Avinash Kumar.
Stanford University: Prof Roger Blandford
U. of Manchester: Prof Peter N. Wilkinson
California Institute of Technology: Prof Anthony C. Readhead
Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy: Dr Michael Janssen

SMILE meeting Kick Off group picture

Participants of the first SMILE meeting


Search for Milli-Lenses(SMILE) to discriminate between Dark Matter Models - Seminar: Dr Carolina Casadio, IA-FORTH